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How We Assist

How Does LICD LLC help you the consumer with your Personal Care Attendant?

LICD LLC works with you to determine and verify your eligibility.
Missouri Healthnet eligibility,
Ability to direct your care,
Review your current support systems,
Medical status,
Make sure you are eligibility before processing your application. The CDS program is not available for persons residing in a residential care facility. e.g nursing home, assisted living facility.
Once we verify your eligibility, we make a referral to have an assessment performed, which we can help you plan for, if you wish. During the assessment, services may be authorized for personal care (bathing, toileting), housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, shopping and other needs as identified.

LICD LLC Center offers support or training you may require to manage your care. We assist in:

⇒   Recruiting prospective attendants
⇒   Interviewing and screening applicants
⇒   Managing paperwork, including timesheets and MO Healthnet (Medicaid) requirements
⇒   Advocate with the appropriate state agencies to assure your needs are being met
⇒   Schedule and supervise your attendant(s)

We manages on your behalf:

⇒   Criminal and abuse/neglect background checks on attendant candidates
⇒   Processing timesheets and payroll for your attendant(s).
To find out if you qualify for Consumer Direct Services, please contact our Consumer Direct Services (CDS)
Intake Expert at (314)985-5625.

CDS Information Brochure
Click Here download our CDS informaton brochure.

Consumer Training Manual
If you are applying as consumer direct services attendent, download this training manual

Our Services

  • In-Home Nurse Aides and Caregivers.
  • Bath Services.
  • Specialized Nursing Visits.
  • Home Nurse Aides and Caregivers.
  • Our nurses and health care providers undergo full background screenings.
  • Our health services are available 24 hours a day.

About Rates

Our patients are primarily medicaid. Therefore, all care is paid for by the state of Missouri. When you just need someone in your home. A nurse will set up the care you need and supervise your care. Nurse Aides will provide personal care as well as assistance around the house. These duties include:
»»   Bathing and personal grooming
»»   Assistance with medications
»»   Housekeeping
»»   Meal preparation
»»   Other services as requested
»»   One Hour Bath Services

Eligibility Requirements:

»»   Be Missouri Medicaid eligible
»»   Meet the level of care (21 or greater on needs assessment) requirement by DHSS
»»   Capable of living independently with personal care assistance services as determined
»»   Be physically disabled
»»   Be 18 years of age or older
»»   Be able and willing to direct his/her own care
»»   Your Personal Care Attendent Cannot be Your Spouse